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Mission It is S.P.R.U.C.E.'s mission to enhance normalcy in the everyday lives of deserving individuals with mental and physical challenges, through financial
assistance and grants. S.P.R.U.C.E. will help to provide the fundamental building blocks that adults need to function as growing developing human beings.

Vision S.P.R.U.C.E. aims to be an inspiration to the lives of each and every consumer serviced, promoting healthy, happy, lifestyles for all of its clients. S.P.R.U.C.E. envisions communities where mentally and physically challenged individuals can be themselves, pursue their dreams, and reach their fullest potentials. S.P.R.U.C.E. wants consumers to take their special place in life and truly LIVE.

Who We Service S.P.R.U.C.E. aids mentally and physically challenged adults who have limited income and receive little or no assistance. Children who are in the family home are also strongly considered. S.P.R.U.C.E. understands that these adults and the families of the children often need financial support. Therefore, the foundation strives to help finance services based on a selected individual's needs between home, school and community.

How To Apply S.P.R.U.C.E. provides online and in-person applications monthly for all eligible participants. Applicants must provide proof of their extenuating circumstance and sign a medical release to verify any diagnosed conditions.

The S.P.R.U.C.E. Foundation was created in September 2009 by three founders, Terry Mason, Tonya "Sole" Lumpkin,and Elgin "Ginuwine" Lumpkin. The foundations a spinoff of its sister organization, the S.P.R.U.C.E. Agency.

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