Our focus on integrity and service inspires us to strive to provide the highest quality of services
continuously. Our staff has a real commitment to understanding the needs of the residents and
ensuring their safety and the safety of caregivers. Our goal is to uphold high-quality standards by
monitoring industry regulations and trends.


We are dedicated to helping our residents with personal non-medical support services  and assisting with their unique needs to ensure a high quality of life at home. We support  each resident's individual choices and preferences by providing individualized services to  preserve dignity and independence. Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our  residents, we provide exceptional service in a spirit of concern for their welfare. 


Our vision at S.P.R.U.C.E is to enhance the lives of every client by promoting a healthy lifestyle. We  envision communities where people with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities can be themselves, pursue their dreams, and realize their full potential. Our goal at S.P.R.U.C.E is to help  people live their lives to the fullest potential. 

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Through personal care services, we help to boost confidence, well-being, and social, physical, and emotional outcomes. Personal care assistance, hygiene, and mobility, as well as safety monitoring contribute to improving the overall quality of life of the individual.

Skilled Caregivers

Our caregivers are the heart of S.P.R.U.C.E. Our staff members are compassionate, kind, andunderstanding. Our company hires only the most capable and compassionate caregivers who can meetthe needs of each resident. A vital component of our quality assurance, we have managers whooversee and evaluate the caregivers and the care recipients to ensure the best care and our
Personal Assisted Living (PAL) 


PAS services include assistance with any Activity of Daily Living (AOL) or Instrumental Activity of  Daily Living (IADL). Assistance for AOL's includes bathing, toileting, transfer and ambulation, meal  preparation, feeding and incidental household cleaning and laundry. IADL's s shopping, banking,  budgeting, using public transportation, social interaction, recreation, and leisure activities. IADL's  also includes accompaniment, coaching, and minor problem solving necessary to achieve  increased independence, productivity, and inclusion into the community. 

Individualized Supported Living (ISL)


This is a non-facility-based form of residential rehabilitation which provides support and training services to an individual in his or her own residence. lSL allow individuals with even the most severe disabilities the opportunity for community living. Individuals may live alone or with their family or may share a living arrangement with others. Also training and support are provided onsite in the home or in the community, thereby allowing functional skill development to occur in the real life setting where the skills will be used.


Terry Mason is an entrepreneur, mentor, and community advocate. She exudes an individual filled with high energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for excellence, but her highest regard is being the mother at heart of her four son’s and grandchildren. She strives to infuse leadership, compassion, and positive energy in all she does. Mason believes that everyone can be anything and overcome anything regardless of status, income, or disability. She feels sometimes what seems like life's darkest struggles, can produce our brightest and most passionate individuals, leaders, and that our most challenging circumstances become launching pads to success when we work together. 


Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, she attended Southeast High School. After high school, she continued pursuing her education, attending Penn Valley Community College. Precocious as a child, Terry had an early sense of the need for love and support in the circumstances that impact the lives of people in her community. Having a passion for her


Terry Mason | Founder & President

community, youth, family, and friends, Terry worked to create a bond and support for youth and people of her community. Having a genuine passion for change, growth, and unity, Terry is one of the most dedicated and focused family caregivers with over thirty years of experience. Terry has taken her resilience, transparency, and faith, followed by her love for philanthropy, and confidently entered her purpose and passion extending her education to learn more about working with individuals having disabilities and foster care. After taking the necessary steps, Terry began working at an agency as a mentor with special needs individuals and children in foster care. She quickly advanced with ranks and ended as Deputy Director. She then became a career foster parent with the Division of Family Services, allowing her to marry her passion and purpose.


Her passion for giving back has allowed her to impact her community significantly. Honed by life and long experience in Kansas City communities, Terry's passion for philanthropy sparked the vision to do something bigger. Terry brought together R&B artists Elgin B. Lumpkin, better known as "Ginuwine," and Hip-Hop Rap Artist, Aja Shah, better known as Solé, to the table to combine their passions of philanthropy, empathy, and support of the community, more specifically individuals with unique needs. Mason, Lumpkin, and Shah launched S.P.R.U.C.E. Agency (Special People Requiring Unique Care Equally) in 2007 and The S.P.R.U.C.E. Foundation in 2010.  S.P.R.U.C.E. Foundation offers services that enhance the lives of adults with intellectual and physical disabilities while helping to maintain their independence in safe, caring environments. S.P.R.U.C.E. Foundation was birthed from the struggle of resources and financial strains endured as their hearts were determined to give back. 


As an entrepreneur and happy lifestyle advocate, she is a foundational pillar, educating and supporting those that may need help. The birth of S.P.R.U.C.E. for this compassionate leader with a humble background has been her foundation to change the world.


Aja “SOLÉ” Shah | Co-Founder & Vice President

Aja “SOLÉ” Shah | Co-Founder & Vice President

 Aja "Solé" Shah is a visionary, creative lyricist, healer, and philanthropist. Shah is also a musician, actor, and wellness specialist.  The native of Kansas City, Missouri, Shah has always acted with a vision, passion, and courage that will make a positive impact on the world. The start of her professional career in the music and entertainment industry occurred in 1999 when she became a hip-hop rap artist. With collaborations and solo projects, shah was able to widen the door for diversity and inclusion for female rappers in the music industry. 


The hip hop rap genre was destined for success for Shah, but the industry's behaviors and expectations changed, requiring a persona that was not aligned with the contribution Shah intended to make. A weighted energy produced a disenchantment, establishing an unparalleled dynamism of hip-hop music's representation of women. Shah, after parting ways with the propaganda and consuming her passion for

purpose, changed gears, pivoting her persona and image in direction of a closer intimate connection with internal love, synchronizing her emotional intelligence in relation to the governance of mind-body balance and transforming from a sphere of noise into one of significance and serenity. As Shah returned to the hip-hop scene following a hiatus, she brought a new sound, a stronger purpose, and an unwavering drive. 


In keeping with her focus, Shah has become the temple guide of the Goddess Temple of Love and the founder of Devi Tribe Wellness. She induces sacred medicine through music, dance, and other healing practices. Her expertise includes her work as a plant-based nutritionist, teaching healthy eating habits and the benefits of leading a holistic lifestyle. In doing so, she enhances the mind and body by nourishing both. These practices encourage a combination of logical analysis and intuition to support a balanced state of mind. Known for her expertise in self-awareness, mental balance, and emotional impact, Shah is an international instructor, lecturer, healer, and wellness coach. The diverse experience she has gained throughout her professional career is evident in her credentials as a Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Tantric Yogini, Sound Healer, Clinical Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Kung Fu Black Belt. Even though this is only a brief overview of her work, it is evident why S.P.R.U.C.E. was established, in order to provide the care, support, and compassion that's necessary.

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Elgin "GINUWINE" Lumpkin | Co-Founder

Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and philanthropist. Lumpkin's music career began in the early 1990s as a member of Swing Mob, an R&B/hip-hop group. During the mid-1990s, he began his solo career after signing with Epic Records as an independent artist. A multi-platinum and platinum-selling artist, Lumpkin released several albums and singles. His commercial success came from his first four albums: 2X Platinum, Ginuwine The Bachelor, and 100% Ginuwine with featured hit singles "Same Ol' G, "So Anxious," and "None of Ur Friends Business," Platinum album, The Life, and gold album, The Senior. Known

for his edgy and alluring dance sound, the diversified palette of his music next served a smooth and romantic single that soared. Peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number four on the Billboard Hot 100, the single "Differences" is still one of his top-selling songs.


His explosive success in the mid-to late-90s was attributed to collaborations with rapper Melissa "Missy" Elliott, singer/songwriter Stephen "Static Major" Garrett, and producer Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley. Timbaland and Ginuwine made their mark as a hit-making duo when they displayed a mutual combination of smooth vocals and innovative production styles that disrupted the music industry with the hit single "Pony". The hit single peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 with a smooth upbeat tempo. 


Lumpkin was signed to Atlantic Records in 2012 and became a part of the R&B supergroup TGT along with Tyrese (Tyrese Gibson), and Tank (Durrell Babbs). In 2013, the trio's debut album Three Kings was nominated for a Grammy. Lumpkin began his acting career by appearing in cameos and starring roles in television and movies. Among his television and movie appearances, he appeared in the episodes of Moesha, Juwanna Mann, and Half & Half as R&B singer “Romeo". Outside of the screen, Lumpkin starred alongside Shirley Murdock and Clifton Powell in the musical stage play The Ideal Husband, and he portrayed himself in NBC's Parks and Recreation. In 2021, he received the Urban Icon Award from the Black Music Honors. Throughout his career as an artist and crooner, Lumpkin has always had a passion to "give back." Through the artistic adaptation of the slogan, The Greatest Show on Earth, Lumpkin, also known as Ginuwine, wishes to give all his fans and supporters a memorable experience and show. A signature act of his is to toss red roses into the audience to convey the love and appreciation that he has for his fans and supporters. What’s a symbol of love, a red rose.  

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