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S.P.R.U.C.E., the acronym for Special People Requiring Unique Care Equally, is an agency that offers services that enhance the lives of adults with intellectual and physical disabilities while helping to maintain their independence in safe, caring environment. S.P.R.U.C.E. was founded in 2007 by three individuals whose hearts were heavy with a need they saw that is so close to so many families and communities. Founder Terry Mason and Co-Founders, R&B artist Ginuwine (real name Elgin Lumpkin), and Hip-Hop rapper Solé (real name Aja Shah) sought to support the need and push the movement of providing genuine care for unique individuals. Founder, Mason, experienced and trained in areas of foster care, therapeutic mentorship, and mental health, Co-Founders, Shah, and Lumpkin, knew that it was their responsibility to answer where they were being called and support where they saw the need. Compassion, empathy, and efficacy were present in abundance because of which this structured foundation was built and grew to offer high-level services for individuals who may require exceptional support. Though Mr. Lumpkin is no longer a partner in this venture as he has gone on to pursue other personal endeavors as of October 2022, he still offers his support of this mission. The collaborative joint venture of Mason and Shah provides Individual Supported Living (ISL) and Personal Assisted Living (PAS) services to enhance the quality of life for our loved ones.



We believe that quality care is a necessity with a commitment to excellence. Taking pride in focusing on person-centered care, S.P.R.U.C.E is structured with the practice and performance to adapt to the anticipating the needs of the residents. Aiding for daily tasks that may be difficult or potentially hazardous to perform independently, the drive is to make everyday living as "normal" as possible for the individuals. Providing quality care, maintaining a safe environment, and enriching the lives of the residents and the community, are the primary objectives. Mason and Shah are committed to providing this unique group of individuals with care and support by integrating them into their own homes in an inclusive manner that meets their needs. Over the course of more than fifteen years, this partnership has built an extensive team that has provided long-term care in Kansas City. The S.P.R.U.C.E. team is dedicated to continually improving thequality of life of all those in need of special care and support. These objectives have been maintained by providing personal care to each individual, community activities, and resident events throughout the year so that they can live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Code of Ethics


As a priority of the S.P.R.U.C.E mission, the staff recognizes and accepts responsibility for  providing the highest quality of care to patients and residents. 

In keeping with this principle, we affirm ourselves to: 

  •  It is our policy to respect the rights of all residents, 

  • Maintaining a well-organized, adequately trained, and dedicated staff, 

  •  Ensure that the residents are in a home environment that meets their needs,

  • To work together with other regulatory authorities and social service agencies to promote  the health and welfare of all patients, 

  • Contributing to community initiatives intended to improve the public perception of the long term support and personal care industry, 

  •  Engage in active participation in state and national health care association initiatives, and We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards in our relationships and in business.

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